The 4 Symptoms Of Lymphedema That You Should Watch Out

We all understand the risk we can get ourselves into if we happen to catch Lymphedema. Most of us are nervous about getting it. Here are the most common symptoms of Lymphedema that you should watch out for, so you will be on the safe side. Check it out and if you notice anything, seek assistance from a doctor the soonest possible time.

  1. Swelling


The swelling can happen in several parts of the body, but you have to be mindful if you notice the swelling in your breasts, arms, hands, legs, and even shoulders. If you didn’t indulge in any physical activities yet you can see swelling in your body, see a physician immediately.

  1. Skin changes

It is one of the most visible symptoms of Lymphedema. You will see some changes that will happen in your skin like some red blemishes. Aside from that, if you suddenly feel some skin tightness, make sure to have it checked.

  1. New pain

Be cautious around the affected areas where surgery was conducted. If you feel that there are some pain or even a tingling sensation that is new to your body, report this to your doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Tightness without gaining weight

The most common things that you will be able to check are around your finger and wrists. Of course, you know your body, and with that being said, you will be able to feel if you are gaining weight. If you notice that the ring on your finger is becoming tight without gaining extra pounds, it is time to be alarmed.

These are the four most common symptoms that you can see quickly. It is necessary that we will be observant with what is happening in our bodies so we can prevent any serious ailments.

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