The 5 Most Effective Ways To Prevent Lymphedema

Lymphedema is an illness that nobody wishes to have right after you got out of surgery. It can limit your mobility, and it is very troublesome. The good news is that there are some ways that you can do to prevent it. Here are the most effective means on how to prevent Lymphedema. Check it out and learn from it.

  1. If the affected area is in your arms, never allow anyone to inject any syringe or IV in the affected part. All you need to do is tell the doctor or the nurse about the situation so you can prevent any serious problems.
  2. Monitor the affected arm. The best way it can be done is to make sure that the blood pressure will be checked through the arm that went through the surgery. It is better if you can take down notes regarding the normal blood pressure you have then just show it to your physician.
  3. You need to tone down on the unnecessary movements of the affected area because the more you strain it, the more it will be at risk of developing Lymphedema. You need to avoid too much scrubbing or pulling heavy things.
  4. Heavy lifting is a big no, and I’m pretty sure that it will be on the top reminder that your doctor will give. It is not just because the surgery wound might open up but what your physician is trying to avoid is Lymphedema development.
  5. You need to do exercise but in cases of post-operative surgeries, make sure that you get the advice or recommendation from the therapist. It’s because there are special exercises that can be done so you will not overdo it.

If you can follow these things, even if you just got out of surgery, the probability of you getting Lymphedema will be relatively low.

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